The Spark Newsletter: Time For Love?

The Spark Newsletter: Time For Love?

Time For Love?

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My name is Casey Hersch. I am a licensed clinical social worker and founder of LightYourSparkle.Life. As many of you know, I live with autoimmune illnesses and have a history of childhood trauma.


When I discovered how to Light My Sparkle, I was able to shift away from illness and move towards a quality life. I had a lot of help making these connections. I hope Light Your Sparkle can be a companion to you.

Let Me Count The Ways...

Reignite The Flame

We all want our relationships to improve. The first step is to get to know your 

relationship style and how your history affects how you relate to your partner.

Connect with family

Family comes in many forms. Even though we are social distancing, there are still ways to show the people we care about how much we love them.

I love connecting with my "Framily" because my friends are my family!

Recently I celebrated a girlfriend's birthday through a zoom game night.

Another friend gave me a make-up lesson via zoom. I gave a neighbor a

tutorial to help her learn a skill she wanted to learn for years! I felt so happy!

Don't Forget #1

Sometimes I forget to love myself!

Crohn's disease is difficult and illness affects my self-esteem. I want to age gracefully, and like who I see in the mirror. Fumiko, founder of The Face Yoga Method has empowered me to love myself while I embrace pro-aging.

Spread Love Around

Pawso and Samba remind me that even the smallest gestures of love infinitely grow and affect the rest of the world. I do my best to focus on what is good in my life and from this place, I find love all around me.

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