The Spark Newsletter: Sweeping Changes Ahead

The Spark Newsletter: Sweeping Changes Ahead

Sweeping Changes Ahead

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My name is Casey Hersch. I am a licensed clinical social worker and founder of LightYourSparkle.Life. As many of you know, I live with autoimmune

illnesses and have a history of childhood trauma, which are my inspirations for the Light Your Sparkle community.


With 2021 in full swing, I welcome spring as an opportunity for growth. Despite many of the uncomfortable changes that marked 2020, I am ready to clear out the past and make room for the present. I am reflecting on the emotional and physical clutter in my life and welcoming the sweeping changes ahead---some of which I have total control, and others that are awaiting my discovery. I hope you will join me in this process of unpacking our lives and growing our potentials.

Unpack Your Potential

Back to Basics

Letting go of physical clutter is one way to free ourselves to make room for what is most important. Since we are spending more time in our homes than in the past, why not let go of the clothes we will never wear, declutter the corners that steal space from what we really love, and stop clinging to old projects that no longer reflect who we want to be or where we wish to go.  

Declutter the Stress

Emotional clutter is exhausting. This clutter can disguise itself as stress, fatigue, confusion, unhappiness, anxiety, or feeling stuck and unmotivated. Sometimes we need a reminder to take time for ourselves and reset our mind and bodies through self-care and stress-reduction techniques. 

Hala Khouri's book, Peace from Anxiety, was just the help I needed to begin uncluttering my mind. I am enjoying her online videos, and I feel less alone when I know there are hundreds of other people also struggling with anxiety.   

Don't forget to play

‍Play is a great way to rejuvenate

Remember to go slow--change is difficult. Praise yourself for the small accomplishments in each day and embrace the process rather than the outcome. Merely setting the intention to accept sweeping changes in your life is the first step in unpacking your potential. Whether I play with my kittens or just turn the music on and dance to my own beat, I take time to enjoy the simple joys in life. 

Celebrate the Possibilities that Await

I look forward to our deepening connection as we journey through our changes together. Let's nurture the 'Spark' in us!

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