The Spark Newsletter: Swing Into Spring

The Spark Newsletter: Swing Into Spring

Swing Into Spring

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My name is Casey Hersch. I am a licensed clinical social worker and founder of LightYourSparkle.Life. As many of you know, I live with autoimmune

illnesses and have a history of childhood trauma, which are my inspirations for the Light Your Sparkle community.


With 2021 in full swing, I realize I got a little more comfortable than I want to admit with my quiet pandemic life. Returning to my "normal" routine filled with hustle and bustle is harder than I imagined. Now more than ever, I realize that I must find a balance between tasks and socializing and calm quiet time with myself and nature. This is important to my self-care and survival.   

Find Your Inner Calm

Reset with Nature 

Spending time outdoors has many health benefits such as improved mood, reduced stress, increased focus, and better immunity. Studies show that just a twenty-minute nature break lowers stress hormones. Not to mention, being outdoors is fun and just feels good! 

The Brain-Gut Connection

Did you know that our emotions play out in the theater of our guts? Our stress affects digestion, but our gut microbes send signals back to our brain which influence our mood! If you feel stressed, pay attention to the communication between your brain and gut. 

Our bodies have invisible conversations every day and it is time we pay attention to some of those conversations.   

Strut Your Stuff

‍Find what you love and do more of it

One of the best ways we can take care of ourselves is to make choices that reflect who we are and to participate in activities that make us feel joy, alive, and confident. I strut my stuff on the dance floor---how about you?

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