The Spark Newsletter: The Bigger Picture

The Spark Newsletter: The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

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My name is Casey Hersch. I am a licensed clinical social worker and founder of LightYourSparkle.Life. As many of you know, I live with autoimmune

illnesses and have a history of childhood trauma, which are my inspirations for the Light Your Sparkle community.


Everyday miracles occur and we assign meaning to everything that happens. However, most of the time we only look at the surface. If we stop for a minute and pay attention to the bigger picture, we find that the universe is always working for our greater good even when the outcome is different than what we expect or think we need. 


Recently, I experienced a family crisis, and I made a checklist. Although I got a lot of work done, I missed the bigger picture. As I looked at the surface for answers, I felt more disappointed about my life. I asked myself "why me?" I missed even the simplest details such as not seeing my husband's charming face and how much he needed a haircut. I didn't hear my cats Pawso and Samba cry for affection. I missed my family's messages that my choices for them were not what they wanted for themselves.


When I stepped out of my own way and looked at the bigger picture, I saw so many miracles in my life I could appreciate. I found options that I had not considered and even more opportunities to grow.  

Value in What You Cannot See

Did you know that the structure of water changes when it is exposed to positive or negative messages? Similarly, our thoughts shape our experiences and change the energy in our bodies. Sometimes what we cannot see is the most powerful.  

When we only look for meaning in what we can see, we limit our growth, stifle our knowledge, and restrict our destinies. Initially I felt devastated about the outcome of my family crisis. However, I only felt this way because I looked at the surface. When I looked at the bigger picture, I saw the miracles that changed all of us for the better.  

The Meaning of Life


When we look at the bigger picture we remember that life is short and we really shouldn't "sweat the small stuff." We also focus more on love, kindness, forgiveness, and making every day count. Actor Robin William's life ended too short, but his insight into the meaning of life reminds us that we all get one trip through. What are you going to do to make life count? 

Expanding Self-Awareness

When popstar Debbie Gibson promised me an interview and then didn't follow through, I felt disappointed. I coped with my feelings by depriving myself of her new music and entertainment. I took my anger out on others. However, when I looked at the bigger picture I realized that I had many lessons to learn from my broken childhood dream. Instead of continuing to focus on disappointment, this situation gave me an opportunity for growth. I found healing as a result of a hurtful situation. Now I am more self aware instead of bitter. 

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