The Spark Newsletter: Connection is Key

The Spark Newsletter: Connection is Key

Connection is Key

With a new year ahead, let's notice the opportunities around us for connection and seize the moments! 


I am seizing the opportunity to deepen my connection with you in the Light Your Sparkle community. I want to hear what you have to say! 


The Healing Wheel has 3 categories: Physical (health news, exercise, diet, immune building protocols); Emotional (coping with stress, changing our thoughts, hope, support systems); Passion (cats, animal companions, creative arts, music, hobbies). Reach out and let me know what types of content you wish to see in The Spark newsletter. 

Connect to your Passions


When we connect to our passions, finding motivation and reaching goals is much easier. What makes you tick? How can you use your unique interests and talents to turn new years resolutions into enjoyable processes.   


For 2021, I choose to connect to my passion for cats. This passion fuels my goal of publishing a children's book. I am especially excited about my own cat, Pawso, so I developed him into the main character of my book. Writing comes more naturally when I write about a topic dear to my heart.

Pawso is even inspiring me to connect with all of you through social media. He has his own budding instagram page @IAmPawso!

Connect To Your Emotional Side


This video is a poignant example of how every living creature needs connection and just when we least expect, the opportunity presents. Positive connections make us feel good, purposeful, and inspired. When these feelings become a part of us, we are stronger, fueled with motivation, and ready to achieve our goals. 

Connect to Inspiration

Looking outside of ourselves and drawing inspiration from other's experiences is one way to generate excitement and get on track. You might recognize Melora Hardin, actor, from The Office, The Bold Type, Hollywood Galas, award shows, or her recent performances on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. During this interview, Melora offers inspiration and perspective on relateable topics. Sometimes just feeling another person's energy and connecting to their story inspires us to take the next step.

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My name is Casey Hersch. I am a licensed clinical social worker and founder of LightYourSparkle.Life.  When I created the Light Your Sparkle community, the connections between childhood trauma and autoimmune disease inspired me. Several years later, my mission to bring awareness to these connections remains even as I expand this community to include anyone who seeks hope, perspective, companionship, and empowerment. 


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