The Spark Newsletter: Your Right To Shine

The Spark Newsletter: Your Right To Shine

Your Right To Shine

June has been a month filled with mixed emotions. No matter where you stand on the political or opinion spectrum, one common theme prevails: We all strive for our rights to shine. Gatherings that give voice to Pride month, women's rights, Social Media Day, and personal freedoms all represent the deep desires we have to be seen and accepted just the way we are. We need to belong. Although our world feels like a scrambled frenzy, we still have an innate right to shine and there are many ways to take back your personal sense of freedom and claim your value. 

Give Yourself Permission To Be You!

As children we look to adults, especially our parents, to guide our lives and set the stage for our futures. However, as adults we often forget that we are in charge of our destinies. Many of us spend our lives still trying to please our parents and authority figures. We may make choices that fit our family, social, and cultural values even if they don't fit our unique identities and passions. Once you give yourself permission to be you, the pressure to conform begins to fade away. Freedom and your right to shine grows from being able to choose and live the best life for you. Accepting your uniqueness, even the flaws and imperfections, feeds realistic expectations and unlimited joy. 

This article summarizes what it means to grant yourself permission. When I discovered I no longer had to please my mother or follow my family's beliefs, I felt like a cord to my heart and soul was finally cut. Suddenly, I could see my right to shine. Instead of staying in jobs and relationshps that made me unhappy, I made decisions that felt right and good to me. I began my process toward self-acceptance and inner peace. 

Choose Health Options That Suit You!

Our bodies grant us the freedom to live our best lives. Therefore, our health determines how bright we are able to shine. When we feel unwell or at the mercy of medical debt, too many diagnostic tests, or conflicting physician opinions, our spirits begin to dim. Our mind, body, and spirits are connected, so when one dimension is out of alignment, so are the others. Knowing how to navigate the medical system is not only empowering but ensures you have access to the best health options available to your body. 

Continue Learning About Yourself!

During one of my recent mental health therapy sessions, I was complaining about how I haven't met my personal goals. In general, I was feeling a sense of hopelessness and disatisfaction with myself. My therapist posed a question to me---

He asked me to imagine I am in my nineties, retired, and reflecting back on my life. Then, he asked me to write a letter to myself with the following scenarios in mind:

1) Imagining I had accomplished all my dreams and goals

2) Imagining I had not accomplished my many dreams and goals


Following this handwritten, letter writing activity, I reflected on my values, priorities, and learned a great deal about myself in this moment. Never forget how to shift your perspective, focus on the now, and continue to learn about yourself. 

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My name is Casey Hersch. I am a licensed clinical social worker and founder of LightYourSparkle.Life.  When I created the Light Your Sparkle community, the connections between childhood trauma and autoimmune disease inspired me. Several years later, my mission to bring awareness to these connections remains even as I expand this community to include anyone who seeks hope, perspective, companionship, and empowerment. 


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