The Spark Newsletter: Riding Life's Ups and Downs

The Spark Newsletter: Riding Life's Ups and Downs

Riding Life's Ups and Downs

Life brings many twists and turns and sometimes we don't have any choice other than to accept what is in front of us. But what happens when we resist the things we cannot change? The twists and turns get a lot more tumultuous! When we work against life's natural course, we fall out of balance quickly. Accepting the things we cannot change is difficult since we all want life to go "our way." But even when we can't change reality, we can still change how we respond to what happens around us and the meaning we make. 


In the past week I faced several universal situations that forced me to accept reality, despite my resistance. I agonized and fought inertia, lost sleep, shed a lot of tears, and even felt angry. Once I started to sink into and accept the things that I couldn't change, I found a freedom within myself. I started to "ride life's ups and downs." This attitude allowed me work with what was actually happening rather than creating my own resistance to a reality that was already in motion.

We Are Stronger Together





From the day we are born we begin losing things. The more losses we experience the more we sometimes cut ourselves off from the rest of the world. In this article, the author describes how rollercoasters, a metaphor for riding life's ups and downs, are not single seaters. They are made for more than one person. Why? Because we are stronger, safer, and happier together. 

Even when you feel as though you are alone, there are always other people who are going through the same challenges and are waiting to join you, support you, and see you through. Just reading a simple article such as this one, you can immediately feel a sense of support and "I don't have to do this alone." 

Let Life Happen--Wrinkles and All

Aging has become something to avoid. The social media, celebrities, and television consistenly talk about how we need to slow down or "hide" aging. In this article, a very empowered person takes a stand FOR wrinkles, gray hair, and accepting life for what it is. It is hard to ride life's ups and downs when we criticize ourselves and cannot accept our bodies for what they are. When we begin cultivating self-acceptance and embrace the changes we face from the day we are born, the twists and turns are much more manageable. 

Gain Strength From Our Youth

Youth are major contributors to society. Their ideas, energy, innocence, and growing minds provide fresh views and hope to our lives and world. Recently, I attended a community dance performance. These youth found a way to shift their perspective about COVID and the isolation. Instead of grieving what they lost the past few years, they focused on what they gained as a result of the situation. The way we view our circumstances affects the outcome. When we feel as though we are stuck or unable to get over the hurdle on our personal rollercoasters, try to see what youth are saying and doing. You might be pleasantly surprised. 

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My name is Casey Hersch. I am a licensed clinical social worker and founder of LightYourSparkle.Life.  When I created the Light Your Sparkle community, the connections between childhood trauma and autoimmune disease inspired me. Several years later, my mission to bring awareness to these connections remains even as I expand this community to include anyone who seeks hope, perspective, companionship, and empowerment. 


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