Life Is A Roller Coaster: One Ride We Shouldn't Take Alone

rollercoaster alexArticle Written by Doreen Barker
October 26, 2020

When we think of life using the metaphor of a roller coaster we can imagine the ups and downs, twists and turns, that often seem uncontrollable. However, we can make choices about how we ride life's ups and downs and how we choose to give meaning to situations. When a loved one dies, for example, we can choose to focus on the loss, or we can shift our attention to the gifts they gave us, the happy memories, the parts of them that are part of ourselves, and the reality that every one of us will transition out of our physical bodies and into eternity. This attitude doesn't mean that we don't grieve. In fact, grieving is a real and very important process of healing. But it does mean that we can create balance in our mind, body, and spirit by holding the grief while nuturing the memories and the positive meaning people have in our lives. The more we balance this self-reflective process, the more we can easily ride the rollercoaster. 

In this article, the author acknowledges the reality that life is harsh and full of ups and downs. But she also points out that we are all on this ride together and we are not meant to ride any rollercoaster alone. I hope you enjoy the read and find that it offers some perspective on how much control we have over situations despite life's twists and turns. 


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