Keys to improve your body's resistance to coronavirus

I have Crohn's Disease, an autoimmune condition. I believe having an integrative team of healers is essential to living a quality life with autoimmune illnesses. To support my own body and to reduce my fears about my own compromised immunity, I have implemented a protocol to increase my body's resistance and reduce my perceived risk of coronavirus. One of my integrative physicians is Dr Dan Beilin--Fortify Health.  
( He has offices in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Northern California (Sacramento), and also does online appointments. In this video he discusses ways to increase your body terrain resistance to coronavirus. Some of these recommendations I am currently implementing in my own life, along with other things. Please consult with your treating physician before starting any new health regimen. Use these videos as an opportunity to explore options and to customize a protocol that works for your unique needs, in collaboration with your own healthcare team. His website has a shorter video if you don't want the background information. 



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