fusionHealing is never a one-size-fits all.

There are hundreds of protocols available for various illnesses and each person responds to a healing protocol in his/her own way. Just because one person responds positively to a treatment method doesn't mean you will. On the other hand, you may respond to something that others don't. It is fundamental that you find a protocol that is uniquely yours and that includes all dimensions of healing. We tend to overly emphasize physical healing at the expense of emotional. This is misfortunate because true healing cannot happen unless there is acknowledgement of both.

I prefer the concept of the Healing Wheel which includes 3 categories:

healing wheel icon armsPhysical, Emotional, Passion

My Healing Wheel includes some of the following ingredients:

Physical: Functional medicine physician and other healers on my team, dietary changes, adding nutritional supplements

Emotional: participation in psychotherapy to address how trauma impacts the disease process and how stress impacts the immune system

Passion: Playing the piano, supportive relationships, ballroom dancing, and the unconditional love of a pet

Healing is most powerful when it involves a fusion of the physical, emotional and passion categories. It is up to you which ingredients you add to each category--it is YOUR Healing Wheel.

In order to successfully implement the Healing Wheel there needs to be true integration of healing. This means that various disciplines and specialties-traditional and nontraditional- need to be connected either through communication with each other or through YOU. Part of your self-advocacy is educating physicians and healers about these various dimensions of your healing and letting them know how these parts work together to create a whole which is YOU. It is also up to YOU to be sure you have a fusion of approaches from the Healing Wheel. Balance in these dimensions ensures that you are not leaving out critical parts of health.

For years I focused on the physical aspects of illness:

  • medication
  • traditional physician visits
  • diagnostics
  • symptom reduction

I did not get better--I got worse. Then gradually I was introduced to a holistic clinic and psychotherapy. For the first time in my life I experienced the power of addressing the root cause of illness both physical and emotional. The reduction in my symptoms noticeably improved.


The approaches that comprise my Healing Wheel have changed dramatically over the years. Some approaches remain as part of my ingredients. Others have been eliminated or replaced. I am always in search of new ways to complete my Healing Wheel based on who I am at this point in my life. I change, and so do my needs. This is a fluid and ever-changing process.

Remember, there is also a FUSION of Hope and Empowerment. These two qualities work together. The more hope you have, the more empowered you feel. The more empowered you feel the more hope is generated.

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