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NAET: A Breakthrough Treatment for Allergies

breakthrough allergiesDr Teitelbaum is an integrative physician and one of my favorites.  In this article he discusses NAET, which is an approach I use regularly to manage my autoimmune illnesses and Crohn's disease

Article written by Jacob Teitelbaum MD, October 2, 2009 Psychology Today;

Stay free of allergies with NAET

STAY FREE OF ALLERGIES FOR LIFE! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read those words. They were my introduction to Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques, or "NAET" — a dramatic new treatment for the cure of allergies (and sensitivities).

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Adverse Childhood Experiences

trauma med figure1Article Written by American Academy of Pediatrics (2014)

...and the Lifelong Consequences of Trauma

Many people can identify a person in their lives who struggles with a chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension. Most people also know someone who struggles with mental illness, substance abuse, or relationships in general. Traditionally, the health care system would point to high-risk behaviors such as poor diet, drug use, or a sedentary lifestyle as the primary causal factors. Questions for patients have focused on “What’s wrong with you?” rather than “What happened to you?” A 1998 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Kaiser Permanente is leading to a paradigm shift in the medical community’s approach to disease. This study of more than 17,000 middle-class Americans documented quite clearly that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can contribute significantly to negative adult physical and mental health outcomes and affect more than 60% of adults.1,2 This continues to be reaffirmed with more recent studies.

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How I Reversed an Autoimmune Disease

self healArticle Written By Dr. Sina McCullough, June 5, 2017; Dr.

Today, I live an active, “normal” life.

I work, play hide and seek with my two young boys, hike with my dogs on the weekend, and try to keep up with the ever-growing housework. You’d never know that just 16 months ago I suffered from an advanced stage of an autoimmune disease.

I spent most of my time lying on the floor in pain. I was too weak to walk up the stairs without getting winded, too tired to stand long enough to finish doing the dishes after lunch, and in too much pain to even wrap my hand around a cup.

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Improving communication skills in children With allergy-related autism Using nambudripad’s allergy elimination Techniques: a Pilot study

children readingArticle Written by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD; Devi S. Nambudripad, MD, PhD, DC, LAc; Yvonne Tyson, MD; Ming Chen, MD; Robert Prince, MD; Mala M. Moosad, RN, LAc, PhD; Laurie Teitelbaum, MS;  Integrative Medicine vol 10, No. 5; October 1, 2011;


Background: Autism prevalence increased more than 50% between 2002 and 2006. We hypothesized that major contributors to the development and symptoms of autism include food and nutrient sensitivities. Desensitization to multiple allergens forms the basis of the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) treatment for autism.

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Crohn’s Disease Diet & Natural Treatment Plan

glitter medicineArticle Written by Annie Price, CHHC February 16, 2016; Dr.

Have you been suffering from excessive diarrhea and abdominal pain on a regular basis? You might have Crohn’s disease. However, there’s good news. You can treat this condition naturally with a Crohn’s disease diet, along with making other lifestyle changes.

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Treating Autism with NAET

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum June 28, 2012

What is NAET?

The NAET Training Institute January 10, 2014

NAET; Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques; A revolutionary technique developed by Dr Devi S Nambudripad, M.D., D.C., L.Ac., R.N., Ph.D, in 1983 and practiced by over 8000 medical practitioners worldwide. This technique is non-invasive, drug free & a natural solution to treat food, chemical, environmental, emotional allergies and allergy based disorders with lasting results. Unresolved health problems and various pain disorders are frequently due to the result of allergic and hypersensitivity reactions to various substances someone consumes or comes into contact with on a daily basis. This technique will assist in detecting the culprits that produce symptoms. NAET utilises testing and treatment principles from Chiropractic, Oriental Medicine, kinesiology, and Nutritional disciplines.

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