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Lanai Cat Sanctuary--Purradise Found

LYS Lanai Cat SanctuaryWritten by Casey Hersch, MSW, LCSW
May 1, 2020
Published in Costco Connection Magazine 

Thanks Costco Connection for featuring the Lanai Cat Sanctuary as an excellent travel destination! 

Lanai Cat Sanctuary--Purradise Found

Clinical social worker and Costco member Casey Hersch (Right), who studies trauma and how pet companionship can be healing (, describes Hawaii’s Lanai Cat sanctuary as “a magical place offering something special for everyone.”

The mission of the sanctuary (, home to more than 600 rescued cats, is to save cats, while protecting endangered island birds. Costco member and executive director Keoni Vaughn, along with a team of doctors, paid staff and volunteers, prepares the fully vetted cats for adoption around the world.

“Our priority is animal welfare and [giving rescue cats] the freedom, safety and space to interact with humans,” Vaughn says. Donations and sponsorship are essential to the sanctuary’s success and admission is free.